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Favicon Generator

Generate a favicon for your website in seconds. Upload your image file (GIF, JPG, and PNG) and convert it to a favicon (ICO) or app icon.

How to use Favicon?

Three easy steps to set up and use favicon icon in your website

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1. Upload your file

Select an image file from your files list (GIF, JPG or PNG)

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2. Generate favicon

Generate selected icon files and save them easily

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3. Add it to website

Use saved icon files and upload them to your website

Why you need favicons?

Make your website or app more beautiful by adding this simple icon

What is favicon?

A favicon is usually a tiny pixel icon that is displayed near every website you ever visit. Starting from the size of 16×16 pixels and going more prominent, it mainly represents your branding, and it is a huge helper when your visitor has multiple tabs open in their browsers. To not get lost, it is recommended to have it as readable as possible (usually one letter or two).

What size of favicons should I use?

Favicons are displayed in different sizes, but the most common are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, and 128x128. Nowadays, many browsers can read image files instead of .ico, so the favicon size is created independently - no need to think about dimensions, just making it look good.

What type of image should I use for favicons?

Most of the Internet browsers will be happy to have PNG, JPG, and GIF images as your favicons. Although, there are a lot of Internet users who do not upgrade their browser versions, and, for example, Internet Explorer will not render image files as it requires ICO format.

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Frequently asked questions about favicons

Find the most popular questions and answers related to the favicon generator

What is the Wizlogo favicon generator?

It is free and easy to use website based favicon creation tool. With two options to select from, you can generate a lot of different variations of your favicon, and it’s also lightning fast!

What options should I use to export the favicon?

There are many different criteria for using a favicon. First, you need to decide where are you going to use it. For example, if your planning to use it on your website - most of the time, you will need only one or a few small generated images. Although, if you are looking forward to using your favicon in iOS or Android applications - you will need a bigger favicon. Second, use as few options as possible. You don’t want your website to run slow, so maybe you will need only an ICO file, and it will work just fine - many different scenarios, but don’t forget your speed.

Can I use any favicon for commercial purposes?

It depends. We do recommend to use only your created logotypes or images for favicon generation. As there are a lot of brands with registered trademarks, you should need to check if your favicon is generated from the files you do have a license.

Need more than a favicon?

Every website needs a unique and recognizable brand identity. With Wizlogo’s free logo maker, you can easily create a quality logotype and build your project around it. Try it out, and in less than one minute, you will be able to know the difference.