Logo Color Ideas

The colors you choose have an impact on your brand and your clients. Decide which style fits you the best and choose the right color palette.

Orange logo generated with Wizlogo

1. Orange

Orange stands for confidence and cheerfulness. It is a combination of red and yellow. Mostly associated with joy, happiness, creativity. High degree of positivity. Used by brands like Fanta, Amazon, Firefox, Harley Davidson.

Orange logo examples
Red logo generated with Wizlogo

2. Red

Red means power and very high energy. Used by young and playful brands. Proven, that this color increase appetite. Used by brands like Coca-Cola, KFC, YouTube, Netflix.

Red logo examples
Purple logo generated with Wizlogo

3. Purple

Purple expresses creativity, imagination, luxury. It also reflects purity, spirituality. A combination of red and blue. Used by brands like T-Mobile, Yahoo, Taco Bell, Hallmark.

Purple logo examples
Blue logo generated with Wizlogo

4. Blue

Blue stands for relaxation and rest. Also, this color can be used to reflect safety and calmness. Used by brands like Twitter, Skype, Internet Explorer, Vimeo.

Blue logo examples
Green logo generated with Wizlogo

5. Green

Green reflects nature, safety, environment and money. It feel like green has some kind of healing effects to humans. Used worldwide by brands like Starbucks, Spotify, Android and Acer.

Green logo examples

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