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eSIM mobile data plans

99% of users set up and start using eSIM data plan in 2 minutes.

How to activate eSIM network plan?

Use Wizlogo’s eSIM app to browse the internet anywhere in the world

Search for eSIM plan

1. Search for eSIM plan

Choose from hundreds of countries worldwide

Activate your eSIM plan

2. Activate your eSIM plan

Easy two click installation process to make your eSIM work

Activate your eSIM plan

3. Enjoy eSIM network

Enjoy revolutionary mobile connectivity on your device

What is an eSIM Card?

An eSIM card, standing for embedded SIM

Seamless change of network providers

eSIM technology enables users to switch between network providers digitally without the need to physically replace a SIM card. This feature offers unparalleled convenience, especially for travelers or those looking to change services quickly and effortlessly.

Multiple profiles

With eSIM, it is possible to store multiple network provider profiles on a single device and switch between them as needed. This flexibility is ideal for managing personal and business lines or for using local data plans when abroad.

SIM card elimination

By eliminating the physical SIM card slot, eSIM allows for sleeker, more compact device designs. This advancement not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of devices but also contributes to the development of smaller, more integrated technology products.

What is an eSIM Card?

Frequently asked questions

Get the answers to our common questions about eSIM plans

How do I activate my eSIM purchased from Wizlogo?

After purchasing, you'll receive a QR code. Scan this code with your eSIM-compatible device, confirm the prompt to add the eSIM, and it will activate.

What should I do to start using my eSIM abroad?

Ensure "Data Roaming" is enabled on your device to start using your eSIM data in the destination country.

In how many countries can I use Wizlogo eSIM?

Our eSIMs offer hassle-free data connectivity in 180 countries worldwide.

How do I select a data plan on Wizlogo eSIM app?

Simply select your destination, pay, and then scan the provided QR code to activate.

What regions does the Europe Plan cover?

The Europe Plan includes 34 countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, among others.

How extensive is the Global Plan?

The Global Plan covers 127 countries, including major destinations like the United States, Canada, Australia, and many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Can I use Wizlogo eSIM on both Apple and Android devices?

Yes, Wizlogo eSIM is compatible with both Apple and Android devices that support eSIM technology.

Is there a way to manage multiple profiles on my eSIM?

Yes, eSIM technology allows you to store and manage multiple profiles for different regions or carriers directly on your device.

5G connectivity and more

Revolutionary eSIM services for you

5G connectivity and more

Cost-effective data plans

Choose from a variety of easy eSIM plans tailored to meet your connectivity needs, whether for Apple or Android. Experience the simplicity of staying connected anywhere in the world without the hassle. Enjoy affordable access to the internet across the globe without the worry of exorbitant roaming fees, thanks to our competitively priced eSIM data plans.

Enhanced security features

Benefit from advanced security protocols inherent to eSIM technology, safeguarding your mobile data and personal information more effectively than ever before.

Simple eSIM setup

Activate your eSIM with ease through a straightforward setup process, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional SIM card activation and management.

Activate your eSIM in minutes

Our Wizlogo eSIM, compatible with a wide range of devices from Apple to Android, ensures a hassle-free start to your mobile eSIM network experience.