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How to get a unique and memorable blog name

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Keep it short and sweet

Nobody likes the names which are long and hard to remember. Before starting to write your blog, think about a name that is sweet and easy to remember. People use to read a lot of blogs online, and if your blog name is unique and memorable enough - they might join to read your blog each day too!

Make it unique

When finding a blog name, it’s essential to make it stand out from others. Before choosing a name, do some research about your competitors. Once you will decide to go with a blog name, make sure it is not too similar to others as this might also involve legal risks.

Have an idea for a logo

Even though you are generating just a name for a blog, don’t forget that eventually you will scale your business and need a brand identity for it. Don’t limit yourself to a blog name that is hard to define. Think about something modern and easy to remember.

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How to find the perfect blog name

A few successful bloggers told Wizlogo how they came up with their names

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As a 10+ year blogger who now also helps new bloggers start and grow their blogs, I encourage clients to pick a name near and dear to their heart, so they'll enjoy sharing the name with others in conversation and, in turn, make it more memorable. When deciding on the blog name, Fantabulosity for my own blog, I fell in love with the idea of creating a new, memorable word, that also encompassed what I would be covering on the blog; how to live a fantabulous life through simplicity. (Fantabulous + Simplicity = Fantabulosity)

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At the time when I started in 2010 I was very interested in writing about “living your best life” and everything that came with it. This was a topic that resonated with me and I remember thinking to myself that before I give advice to others — it was important that I first worked on my own personal “code of conduct” …. and Voila! When I put two and two together Code of Living was made.

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I intended to build a niche community centred around dogs and dog lovers - the world as a dog sees it, sans distractions of content themes, I named it as 'Dog with Blog'. I was pleasantly surprised when three years later Disney also launched a sitcom with a similar name and we had many of our readers from the US reaching out to us on Facebook that we should have copyrighted the name!

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I wanted to create a name for my site that expressed my take and ethos on wedding planning. Many wedding resources aimed to reach the "high-end" market, but no one was speaking to the couples who wanted to plan something beautiful on a budget. My focus was always to provide realistic and attainable inspiration to help couples create something they are proud of at a price they can actually afford... so "budget savvy" was the perfect choice!

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The way I came up with my blog name was to use my last name combined with my favorite place, the beach. I'm also a mom to a 5-year-old son, Bryan, so added "mom" as well. It resulted in Mom Beach, which was an available domain. Before, the domain belonged to a German social club for several years. I was lucky to get the domain, which was aged.

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To find the name, I brainstormed dozens of titles, used a thesaurus to find cooler words, then tried them all at GoDaddy. When we saw that StateRequirement wasn't taken, we knew we had a winner. It's a perfect name for almost anything - short enough to build a brand on and vague enough to not pigeonhole us into a very specific niche.

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My blog started as a hobby back in 2010 and I wanted a catchy title that would help explain what my content was about. In my case, I was sharing healthy, vegetarian recipes, so I wanted to tie in something about vegetables. I also wanted something that was easy to remember and would stand out from the sea of other bloggers.

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Travel For All is about far many more people than just those who consider themselves disabled – for example many seniors have accessibility requirements but don’t consider themselves disabled. We therefore wanted a name that was more inclusive and at the same time more generic. And even having said all that we did slightly pivot soon after starting. We realised that having an Australian domain name as our primary name was too limiting so changed the site and went with a more generic but global name.

How to trademark your blog name

Stop others from using the same or similar blog name in the future

What is a trademark?

Trademarks are words, business names or logotypes that are protected and belong to only one business. They help a business to avoid “duplicate” business names and misleading customers. If you are writing a blog about something specific, you wouldn’t want someone to get your name and steal your customers - them thinking it is you that started writing that other blog.

How to register a trademark?

It depends on where are you located and in what country do you want to trademark your blog name and logo. The process differs depending on each country’s laws, but the procedure is similar. We suggest looking for more information online by searching “trademark (your country name)”. However, if you are located in the United States, the copyright form can be filled in the United States Copyright Office website that is publicly available for every business.

Should I trademark my blog name?

All creative work is always protected by the copyright laws that exist in each country. However, the extra protection for your brand is essential if you want to scale your business.

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