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About Us

We’re passionate about creating a unique brand identity for every person on the planet. No matter who you are and what you do - we believe in freedom of design.

Picture of Wizlogo CEO - Benas Bitvinskas

Benas Bitvinskas

CEO / Co-Founder

Benas drives the company’s vision and growth, together with a design strategy in mind. Passionate about data-driven creations and top-notch product delivery. Always pushes the boundaries of user-centered design forward while having strong knowledge in product development.

Picture of Wizlogo CTO - Rytis Dereskevicius

Rytis Dereskevicius

CTO / Co-Founder

Rytis is the one who connects the dots from insights to define detailed answers in technology questions. He ensures that everything works smoothly and has extensive experience in the open developer communities. He is the last man standing when committing changes and delivering quality code.

Picture of Wizlogo Software Engineer - Simonas Poska

Simonas Poska

Software Engineer

Simonas is responsible for overseeing Wizlogo’s technology bugs and creating high-performance work. He creates out-of-this-world solutions through his readable and maintainable code. A bright mind when it comes to releasing new features and accepting failures during the way.

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