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63087 registered businesses

63087 registered businesses

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How to get a unique business name

Efficient process to generate brand names that your competitors didn’t think of

Name your business right

There were millions of stories when you had an idea for the business, and it was already taken. You wished you would’ve born in the early 90s to get that domain name registered, but this can’t be done. However, you can generate as many keywords as you think of and add it to our smart input. We will do our best to find the most catchy names for your brand.

Make your name easy to read

When finding a name for your business, it’s essential to think of it as your potential logo. As there were many examples when naming went wrong (long titles, hard to understand) you can skip this and instantly generate an easily recognizable name.

The business name should be timeless

As you might know, the business name is vital for your success long term. Get a generated name and accept that it won’t be changed for a very long time. If you are thinking of launching your brand, the first thing your customers will remember is your name or your logo - both of them contains the details you get in this first crucial step.

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Are you looking for more than a name?

With Wizlogo’s free logo maker, you can make your ideas come to life. In less than one minute, create a logotype and build a brand identity around it.