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What makes a good logo design?

Your brand identity depends on the first steps you make

A great logo is timeless

Once you start creating your logo, don’t forget that it will mostly serve you and your project for years. Even though there are a lot of rebranding stories all around social media these days - focus on making it ageless.

Make your logo responsive

Logotypes should be readable on all scales. Keep in mind that your logo will be accessible on the Internet, on mobile phones, and big billboards - we do think that you will succeed like that!

The logo should look good in black and white

There will be a lot of moments when you use your free logo in print or different backgrounds. A good logo should be able to adapt to any scenario given.

Less is more

Make your logo as simple as possible. The rule is simple - if your little cousin understands the logo meaning - your logotype is well-crafted for the understanding.

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