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Free Signature Generator

Generate a professional and unique handwritten signature right here in the browser.

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Use Wizlogo’s signature generator to create your free online signature

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1. Search for signatures

Generate hundreds of handwritten signatures online

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2. Customize your signature

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3. Generate a signature

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How to generate a unique signature

Generate hundreds of custom signatures for your name

Generate a few signature variations

Creating your handwritten signature is hard, and we know it. Most people get their signatures while still in the first grade, however sometimes, it comes a time to change it. That’s where online signature generators such as Wizlogo come to help. Take your time and generate as many signatures as you want. We will do our best to generate the most beautiful signature out there.

Make your signature easy to read

Your signature represents your personality, so it is essential not to make it look messy. Most of the signatures are made from the first letters of the first or last name, however, there are many examples where signatures could have been better (long names, hard to understand). We suggest trying various formats and generating signatures you like.

Signature should be timeless

Getting a signature is similar to creating a logo for your business. Once you get a signature, use it everywhere, it won’t be changed for a long time. When thinking of making one, your signature must be unique and contain your elements, such as first name or last name initials.

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Frequently asked questions

Get the answers to our common questions about making a custom signature online

How do I use the online signature generator?

Enter your name or initials, choose a style or font, and the tool will generate your signature.

Can I customize my signature?

Yes, you can select from various fonts and styles to personalize your signature.

Is the generated signature legally valid?

Just creating your custom signature online will not make it valid. However, you can make your digital signature legal, but it depends on the local laws.

Can I use the generated signature for official documents?

To use your generated signature on official documents, you need to get it on official documents, such as a passport.

How do I save my signature?

You can download generated signatures in different formats like PNG or JPG for document use.

Do online signatures work the same as manually handwritten signatures?

Yes, online signatures are equivalent to traditional handwritten signatures on paper in their legal standing. They are recognized with the exact authenticity.

Are you ready to create your online signature?

With Wizlogo’s signature generator, you can make your signature ideas come to life. In less than one minute, create your custom signature, save it, and use it on documents.