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Business Card Maker

Design and print custom business cards on a variety of high-quality paper, finishes, and sizes. Create your professional business today.

How to create a professional business card?

Use Wizlogo to instantly generate business card designs you can print and share with anyone.

Select a business card design

1. Select a business card design

Choose from hundreds of different templates

Customize your business card

2. Customize your business card

Easily customize your business cards, change font and color

Print your business cards

3. Print your business cards

Order your new business cards for printing and grow your business

Everything you need to know about business cards

Professional networking tool since the 17th century

Business cards, small pieces of paper bearing one’s name, occupation, and contact information, have been instrumental in professional and social networking for centuries. Initially used as visiting cards, they were a self-introduction to the social elite. Today, they are a universal tool for professional networking, encapsulating one’s professional identity and facilitating connections in various settings.

The anatomy of a business card

An effective business card is much more than a piece of paper with your contact information. It’s a reflection of your professional identity and your brand. The essential elements for the business card are name and job title, contact information, and branding. Three pillars create the unique, barely changed model that’s been out there for years.

Business card designs

Designing a business card requires balancing creativity, professionalism, and functionality. The way your business card looks reflects your image—from layout to choice of color and typography—all play vital roles in creating a stunning business card.

From physical to digital and vice versa

Digital technology has transformed how professionals network, yet the tangible nature of business cards adds a personal touch that digital means cannot replicate. This blend of the physical and digital emphasizes the adaptability and ongoing relevance of business cards.

Everything you need to know about business cards

Free business card maker

Enter your business name, and we will do the rest

Free business card maker

A great business card completes your brand identity and makes it recognizable anywhere you go - from your online presence to networking events. How people can reach you tells your story - high-quality business cards are there to stay and make your brand consistent.

Custom business card designs

Choose from a variety of business card designs tailored just for you. Edit the layout, colors, and font in a few clicks. Experience the simplicity of brand identity templates matched to complete your business card.

Easy to create and customize

No matter your business, our business card maker has a template to make it look good. There is nothing to install - everything you need to create your business card design is online. You can choose a template and use our intuitive design tools to customize it.

Print-ready business card designs

Our business card tool will ensure your card is ideal for going to a print store or ordering business card designs from us. No more worries about the technical stuff called “bleed lines” or “pixel-perfect resolution.”

Create your business card in minutes

Experience the Wizlogo design platform to create your personalized business card design. Get started in a few clicks and unlock the new design language for your brand.

Frequently asked questions

Get all the answers about the business cards

Are there any standard business card sizes?

Any official body does not regulate standard business card sizes, but there are commonly accepted dimensions in various regions that facilitate ease of exchange and storage.

What are the most popular business card sizes?

The most popular business card sizes balance portability with enough space for effective communication, such as the 3.5” x 2” in North America or the 85mm x 55mm size prevalent in Europe.

What are the ISO 216 business card sizes?

ISO 216 refers to international standard paper sizes, like the A series. Business cards often adapt these dimensions for consistency and ease of printing, resulting in standard sizes such as A8 (74mm x 52mm), compact, or slightly larger C8 and B8, which provide more room for creative designs.

Why do business card sizes vary between countries?

Business card sizes often reflect local business practices and the standard sizes of wallets and cardholders in each country. Cultural differences can also influence the preferred size and style of business cards.

How should I choose the right size for my business card?

Consider your audience and the standard practices in your region. Also, consider the information you must include and whether your design works better with more space or a compact layout.