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Convert your files in 3 easy steps

Use Wizlogo's files converter to get instant results

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1. Upload your files

Drag and drop or select the files you wish to convert.

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2. Convert files

Enjoy the fast and secure files conversion.

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3. Download files

Download as many files as you want in one click.

Why Convert HTML to PDF?

HTML to PDF Conversion

HTML to PDF Online

What are the advantages of converting to PDF?

PDFs are platform-independent, ensuring consistent viewing across devices. They're also easy to share, print, and protect with passwords.

Can I use the converted PDF for presentations or reports?

Certainly! PDFs are versatile and can be used for presentations, reports, archiving, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to frequently asked queries about the HTML to PDF converter. Convert web pages and HTML files to PDF seamlessly.

How to convert HTML to PDF?

Using our tool, either drag and drop your HTML files or input a web page URL, and it will be swiftly converted into a PDF.

Will the converted PDF look like the original webpage?

Yes, our converter is designed to capture the layout, images, and styles of the web page as closely as possible in the PDF.

Can I convert an entire website to PDF?

Our tool converts individual pages. If you want to convert multiple pages or an entire website, you would need to do it page by page.

Is the conversion process secure?

Absolutely! We prioritize your data's safety. Files are encrypted during transfer, and we delete them from our servers within an hour post-conversion.

Are external stylesheets and scripts captured?

Dynamic content reliant on scripts might not be rendered exactly as on the web.

Are hyperlinks from the HTML retained in the converted PDF?

Yes, our tool retains hyperlinks from the original HTML, making them clickable within the converted PDF document.

Capture Web Content in PDF

HTML to PDF Online Conversion

Convert HTML to PDF to archive web content, create presentations, or share data in a universally accessible format.

Preserve Web Layouts

Our tool captures the visual layout of web pages, ensuring your PDFs look as close to the original as possible.

Quick and Easy

No downloads or installations required. Convert HTML to PDF in just a few clicks.

Sample of HTML converted to PDF

Need more than a file converter?

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