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Convert your files in 3 easy steps

Use Wizlogo's files converter to get instant results

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1. Upload your files

Drag and drop or select the files you wish to convert.

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2. Convert files

Enjoy the fast and secure files conversion.

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3. Download files

Download as many files as you want in one click.

Why Convert to SVG?

PNG to SVG Conversion

PNG to SVG Online

Why is SVG superior for web design?

SVG files are resolution-independent, ensuring sharpness on any device or display size. It's also efficient for interactive web elements and animations.

What devices support SVG?

SVG is supported by most modern web browsers, making it a versatile choice for web graphics and designs.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most common questions about the PNG to SVG converter. Effortlessly convert PNG images to SVG format.

How to convert PNG to SVG?

Simply use our online converter. Drag and drop your PNG image, and it will be transformed into SVG in no time.

What's the difference between PNG and SVG?

PNG is a raster graphic format with lossless data compression. SVG, on the other hand, is a scalable vector format that allows for resizing without quality loss.

Why convert PNG to SVG?

Converting PNG to SVG is beneficial for design scaling, web optimization, and when you need high-resolution graphics without increasing file size.

Are my PNG files safe to upload?

Absolutely! We ensure your files' safety by encrypting the transfer process and deleting your files shortly after conversion.

Can I reverse the conversion process?

Yes, Wizlogo has tools available that can convert SVG files back to PNG or other raster formats.

Optimize Your Designs with SVG

PNG to SVG Online Conversion

Convert PNG to SVG for sharper, scalable, and efficient graphics suitable for web and print designs.

Instant Scalable Graphics

Our PNG to SVG converter provides you with vector graphics perfect for any design need.

Web-Friendly Files

SVGs are compact, fast-loading, and can be manipulated with CSS and JavaScript, making them ideal for modern web design.

Sample of PNG converted to SVG

Need more than a file converter?

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