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Our Favorite Letter A Logo Examples

adobe logo

Founded in 1982, Adobe is one of the most famous design companies. In the first four years, Adobe reached over 1 billion dollars of revenue. Adobe's current logo derived from its original logo from 1982. This new logo is simple and memorable.

alliance data logo

An industry-leading loyalty card provider created a simple yet memorable logotype. With its' red graphic icon, it emphasizes letter A, and it is perfectly aligned with the company's mission. It combines the industry's top giants and provides the best product for their customers.

autodesk logo

Autodesk is a software provider for architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. In their logo, you can recognize one of their main goals - brilliant color selection matched with technical precision and lines. Indeed a remarkable logo for letter A.

applied materials logo

Applied materials company was founded in the middle of the 20th century. Today, this company is evaluated over $20 billion and is one of the leading electronic manufacturing companies. The logotype uses negative space and lines to create a silhouette of electronic chip and letter A.

airpush logo logo

Founded in 2010, Airpush provides bootstrapped mobile advertising to everyone. From small businesses to large companies, it is known to be one of the largest mobile ad platforms worldwide. Letter A symbolizes their high performance and transparency and makes them unique.

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What is Wizlogo logo maker?

Wizlogo is a logo maker based on website browser. With an easy to use interface and great functionality - it helps thousands of people worldwide to create their brand identity and scale their businesses.

How To Create a Great Letter A logo

First, think about your brand in general. Focus on your main strengths and reflect them in your logo. Second, find an examples you like from other competitors. Stealing might be a wrong idea, but getting the best reference experiences are the keys to success. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different shapes and styles - that's the only way you can create something breathtaking.

How to select the right colors?

There are many tutorials on how to select the right color palette for your brand. As we think it can be difficult for non-designer person to feel the right colors, we recommend you to check our tutorial on choosing colors for your logo.