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The Future Roadmap of Wizlogo

We’ve heard your requests, and today we’re bringing them live

Photo of Wizlogo CEO Benas Bitvinskas

Benas Bitvinskas

Co-Founder @ Wizlogo


Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since we wrote something to our blog - and for that, we have an explanation. For the past three months, we pretty much closed every communication to the public and sat down to deliver the best quality platform you can ever wonder.

What’s improved:

• We launched Wizlogo for 49 brands worldwide. We believe that logo creation should be simple and accessible for everyone. No matter what is your skill level, we are here to help you create.

• Speed was significantly increased. We’ve migrated servers to better infrastructure, so loading time is cut down to seconds.

• Thousands of new logo variations. Fresh updates are coming out soon.

• New payment methods were introduced! By growing, it was necessary to think about better-paying solutions, and we started working with Stripe to achieve that.

• We implemented 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) to our payment system to meet new SCA requirements, which came with the new PSD2. An essential thing for the companies that operate in Europe.

49 different brands of Wizlogo preview

49 different brands of Wizlogo preview

Okay, what’s next?

In the upcoming month, we are going through a lot of platform updates (from more logotypes to better customization process). Did I mention that you could download a free logo variation, and we got a big sale going on?

Stay tuned; stay creative.

We’re here to make you happy

Every logo you make comes up with an idea. We will make everything to help you create it. No matter what, we are always ready to help.