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Blog / Features / 2020-12-29

Monthly membership is live now!

Many of you asked for unlimited logotypes - we got you covered

Photo of Wizlogo CEO Benas Bitvinskas

Benas Bitvinskas

Co-Founder @ Wizlogo



For the ending of 2020, we've got the final rundown of the latest and greatest updates to Wizlogo.

Unlimited Plan. We've changed our pricing plans to make sure we fit the market. During last year, we had numerous requests to prepare a monthly plan. Now those who want to use our platform daily - it's live.

New Colors. In our results page, we added new colour combinations handpicked by leading designers.

More Logotypes. All logotype categories have been fulfilled with new variations.

New Customer Service. As we grow and our main goal is our happy customers, we switched from Crisp to Atlasmic. Now better than ever we will be able to answer your questions. By the way, did you know that we got more agents on the line?

Wondering what's coming for 2021? Even better logotype creation process, so stay tuned.

Check out Atlasmic!

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